5 Ways Saving For Retirement Will give you better hair

12th June 2017

Better diet - One of the many ULIP Benefits
Luscious, bouncy, shiny hair always add to one’s self esteem. Well groomed hair can help an average looking guy look great and a great looking guy look like a Greek God.

Sad as it may be, we tend to damage our hair as grow older and they eventually becoming a saving grace than something we would use to enhance our appearance.

Your struggle ends here. Let’s understand how saving for retirement can help you get better hair:-

  1. Less stress: The biggest stress a person can have is of the uncertainties of the future. Wondering how the future may affect you and if you are prepared to face it is a major cause of stress for many.A planned retirement will ensure you lesser stress from such worries. Although the amount of stress you face is dependent upon your attitude towards life and the conditions one is in. It will always be relaxing for someone to know that their second innings will be a comfortable one, owing to the money they have saved for it.
  2. Better Diet: Your daily intake of nutrients plays a major role in how healthy you are. Your skin, hair, face and other body parts are a reflection of how well you treat them. But how would you eat better if you were stressed with the uncertainties of the future?Would you really feel hungry, if you are fretting over your financialconditions post retirement?

    Plan your retirement, stay worry free, eat right and eat well.

  3. Drink sufficient water everyday: With almost 70% of Human Body consisting of water, it should come as no surprise that drinking sufficient water every day is good for your body.
    What’s the connection of drinking water with retirement planning, you may ask?Retirement planning requires disciplined financial focus, and if you have tried it, so does drinking water regularly. If one could show focus in financial life, one could do the same for maintaining body hydration levels too.
  4. Financial security: Buying your shampoos, conditioner, oils, hair serums will cost money. Obviously it won’t be too expensive when you’re young. Especially with the cushion of credit cards, but what would you consider spending upwards of Rs 50,000 on hair care, when you’re retired? Necessary investment or frivolous expenditure? Financial security in your retirement will provide you with the freedom to buy things you consider important, without having to worry much about how much it costs.
  5. Staying Befikar: Have you ever been told how great you look when you smile from ear to ear?Staying happy and worry-free is the biggest pre-requisite to look great. Come to think of it, how would great hair on a sad, sullen and depressed face? Investing in yourself, in your future and your retirement can be an invaluable addition to your self-esteem.

    Stay happy, stay relaxed and make sure that you save for your retirement from the intrinsic motivation of ensuring the best for your future self.



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