Appu and Pappu Comics – Magic Of The Lamp

6th November 2017

Like all of us, Pappu also wants to get rich quickly. Unlike us however, he lacks the basic know-how of getting rich through investment and that results in he doing silly things.
What happens however, when persistent Pappu comes across an antique looking lamp that reminds him of the magic lamp from Arabian Nights? Will magic happen? Or…

Appu and Pappu Comics - Magic Of The Lamp

Appu and Pappu Comics - Magic Of The Lamp

Appu knows that there is no magic formula to become rich. Building wealth involves careful consideration of one’s goals and investing in the right product, for the right duration, at the right time and with the right amount to ensure that one’s goals are met. Financial planning helps you defeat the #IfsOfLife and also achieve all your future financial goals.



Appu and Pappu Comics - Tax Monster Returns

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