Appu and Pappu Comics – Ssshhh koi hai…

16th October 2017

Diwali is knocking at our doors and everyone is busy in doing something special this Diwali.
Well that’s not the case with Pappu , he has just got his Diwali Bonus and as always he his confused! This Diwali he is up for shopping and he means it, he is going to burn all his Diwali bonus on shopping. Basically, he is buying everything he feels like picking up.

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What Pappu doesn’t realise is, that lurking in the shadows, is a tax hungry monster. Pappu is unaware and unprepared. Will Appu be able to help him from this dangerous and Bollywood loving monster?
Appu tries to alarm him about the situation but Pappu refused to hear anything from her about tax planning.
Pappu did what he is best known for – procrastination.

Stay tuned to know what happens next..



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