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14th November 2017

Never quit! A very cliched, but very important lesson we receive almost every day. Mr.Pappu has a different take on this. He thinks that these are very easy words to pass on as pearls of wisdom, but very difficult to follow. According to him, if you are not able to do anything, just quit. That’s the easiest thing. See, where he got stuck this time and what is he quitting.

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Appu and Pappu

Appu And Pappu

Appu knows the recipe of ‘never quit’ attitude. She knows that you don’t see the results very quickly, but if you wait you’ll get to see what’s best in store for you. For better returns and better life, always stay motivated and invested.



Appu and Pappu Comics - Magic Of The Lamp

Boing, Boing, Born
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