Boing, Boing, Born

16th November 2017
An AI star is born
A.I. – Automating Insurance

As more and more companies are getting revolutionized by AI (artificial intelligence), we at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company, are ready with an AI initiative of our own –BOING

Without doubt, AI has embraced just about every industry today. And the financial services industry, including life insurance, has seen arguably the largest disruption from AI, as borne out by various trends.

Bajaj Allianz Life goes Digital

Where there is digital, can we be far behind?

Employing technology to service customers to the point of delighting them, is an abiding feature of our organization.

We at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company (BALIC) are pleased to announce the launch of ‘BOING’ – our Virtual Customer Service Assistant.

BOING is a technological boon for individuals giving them an enhanced customer service experience.

With BOING you can’t go wrong, given its wide-ranging features:

It’s always there for you, 24*7

Unlike conventional life insurance representatives, who are usually available only during office hours over weekdays, BOING is tireless. It is available 24*7 at the customer’s beck and call.

Multiple touch points

Often on the mobile?

Usually on the desktop?

Prefer the tablet over everything else?

No matter which platform you choose, BOING is just a ping away.

There’s an answer to every need, almost immediately

Customers across life insurance as also other services, have had enough of sitting through endless menu options before they are transferred to the right department (hopefully), which will service their need after endless confirmations.

BOING is there at your fingertips, quite literally.

Log on to and click on the BOING icon at the bottom-right and you are connected to BOING – the Virtual Customer Service Assistant.

Many needs, One answer

BOING is the answer to multiple needs.

The list of services rendered by BOING embrace many areas like:

  1. Account Statement
  2. Renewal Premium Payment
  3. Claim Status
  4. IT Certificate
  5. Generate Quote (eTouch)
  6. SMS Services
  7. Locate Branch
  8. Contact US
  9. Policy status
  10. PAN/Aadhar details addition
  11. Duplicate policy bond
  12. Agent’s details for policy
  13. Bonus statement
  14. BWC query status
  15. Feedback after each session

As AI makes deeper inroads in financial services; customer service and engagement levels will receive a huge stimulus. This much is already evident from what BOING can achieve in its avatar at present.

But BOING is not a sprinter, it’s a marathoner. So you can be sure that we will be up to the task of employing best-in-class initiatives along the way to make your life insurance experience as hassle free as possible.



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