Anyone can have a bad day at the office, just ask the Indian Cricket team

3rd March 2017

India’s 19-test unbeaten streak was snapped by Australia in a manner that can only be described as disastrous.

Matt Renshaw – the Aussie opener who was shaping up well (ending up as the highest scorer in the first innings) had to retire hurt to soothe an upset belly.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway – the veteran of many movies with perfect lines mess up their one big line on Oscar day.

What do they all have in common – one bad day at the office!

Indian cricket team shocked by a spinner in their own backyard

Let’s analyze the plight of the Indian cricket team.

India was predicted to run through the Aussies in the 4 test series – predictions ranged from 4-0 to 3-1 in favour of India.

But Indian fans were treated to the exact opposite. It was Australia that ran through the Indian side in a manner that few could have imagined.

Although captain Virat Kohli (who struggled just like the others) called it the worst batting display over the last two years, it seemed more like 20 years to Indian cricket aficionados.

And it wasn’t the collapse itself that rankled, it was the main architect behind it. Michael Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Nathan Lyon all played a role, but the choicest accolades were reserved for Steve O’Keefe.

Steve who?

The Indian cricket fan can be forgiven for struggling to remember this cricketer.

Steven O’Keefe is 32 years old and has played barely 4 test matches before the Pune test.

His association with Indian cricket was limited to the fourth edition of the IPL when he was picked by Kochi, but failed to make it to the playing eleven in any match.

He barely made it to the Aussie test side – being drafted in the playing eleven often only when the frontline spinners were indisposed due to injuries.

Although a competent customer – you have to be if you represent Australia – no one could have imagined his role in engineering a collapse in both innings almost single-handedly, picking 12 of the 20 Indian wickets.

But that’s exactly what happened.

And how do we explain this?

Short answer – you just cannot rationalize something like this.

You can only file it under ‘#IfsOfLife’

Life can be “iffy” for the best

Same goes with the Oscar booboo by veteran Hollywood stars – Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.

Or with – Matt Renshaw widely touted as the next Matthew Hayden – suffering abdominal cramps in a crucial game. He was forced to take a break inciting much criticism from veterans Justin Langer and Allan Border.

Michael Schumacher – the F1 legend and conqueror of many tricky race courses – suffered a serious head injury during a skiing incident in December 2013. More than three years later he is still battling for survival.

How did a racing guru end up in coma from a skiing incident?

Again, blame it on the #IfsOfLife!

What if you had an “iffy” incident?

We go through life thinking disasters are for others. But as we have seen even the best regularly grapple with challenges, often life-threatening ones.

India suffers the ignominy of being the capital of many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and accident-related deaths, among others.

How often do we hear of a very healthy individual being afflicted all of a sudden with some of these life-threatening medical conditions?

These individuals have witnessed the IfsOfLife firsthand.

How to secure yourself from the #IfsOfLife?

There is one way of making sure the #IfsOfLife do not bring you and your family down in a financial sense.

And that is Life Insurance.

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Next time you read about someone suffering a ‘bad day at the office’, make a note to get yourself adequate insurance cover as security against your own bad day at the office.

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