Customer Experience-Our Perspective

10th May 2017

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance (14)Manoj Kumar, State Operations Manager, NCR & Uttrakhand

The dynamics of servicing a customer is changing fast across all sectors including life insurance. Due to improved customer awareness, competitive market, similar products, customer servicing is now turned into overall Customer Experience with organizations. The concept of Customer Experience is an ever-changing phenomenon and that creates a very challenging environment for companies. For us, customer experience starts from the moment a person starts thinking about Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance as a brand.

We, the Operations Team at Bajaj Allianz Life, have a major responsibility of improving Customer Experience in each interaction at every touch point with the customers. To do so, all team members need to understand right customer needs whenever a person enters the branch premises or contacts us telephonically. Since a customer’s overall experience with the organization is the only differentiator, customer handling team is the frontrunner in retaining the existing customers and providing wonderful experience for new acquired customers.  In this era of digital revolution, retaining existing customers and making them loyal can happen through a long relationship and consistent positive experience involving an emotional connect. The overall Customer journey must be a mix of physical, emotional and elements of value addition into a whole new idea of customer engagement.

There are certain suggestions which we must understand for improving Customer Experience as a whole.

  • Customer is the most important person for all of us– This is the most heard statement for all of us, but we need to ensure that we imbibe this message in our DNA. Each customer is important for us and needs special treatment while having an interaction. All customers must be treated as we want to be treated when visiting other organizations to whom we are customers.
  • Customer must be attended by best resource — There are some locations in which our junior most person is handling customers (even in places where there are multiple staff members). We need to ensure that our most experienced and customer friendly resource should attend all walk-in customers. All operations head must be very courteous while handing customers & try to improve their interaction and provide excellent Customer Experience.
  • Customer is a human being & must be treated with human touchWe all should understand that customers have emotions like you and me & needs to be treated involving emotions at every interaction. In the era of automated calls, a personal touch while interacting with customers will improve overall customer experience and a customer never forgets that experience.
  • Customer must be told about all available Services– Since we are the face of organization and we know all our customer friendly initiatives very well, it is our responsibility to communicate about those initiatives with the customers and keep them updated. It is observed that customer facing team is so much occupied with their routine work that most of new initiatives which will ultimately help and provide convenience to customers are often missed. This mindset needs to be changed and we need to engage with the customer proactively.
  • Customer’s time is valuable – There are occasions when we have high customer walk-ins at locations and it results in long queues in front of cash counters. We all need to understand the value of customers’ time as no customer wants to wait for paying money. We all need to reduce this waiting time and put more resources (if possible) for managing such situations. Ideally there should not be any waiting time for paying renewal premium at cash counters.
  • Customer’s priority must be understood & guidance should be provided—Operations team is the process owner. Customers must be handled as a layman and be guided at each step for providing solution for a problem. Customer handling team members must have a problem solving attitude and ready to provide help from process communication to completion of servicing process.
  • Customer is for long term with company – We all need to ensure that every customer maintains a long term association with the organization. All our interaction, Servicing & guidance must be provided keeping this in mind. Retaining customer, convincing them for staying invested for long term is the need of the hour.
  • Customer complaint is to be taken as a feedback— Every customer complaint which is coming to the branch offices must be taken as a feedback to improve our services and processes.
  • Customer feedback is important—Customer feedback is the most valuable advice for improving our overall processes & products. We all need to ensure that we take customer feedback regularly from all walk-in customers for improving our services. Communicating customer feedback to the team concerned for taking immediate step is crucial.

Today, majority of utility bills are being paid through online payment gateways and mobile apps, then why cannot we, as a team, make all walk-in customers aware about options of paying online or through alternate payment modes. We must understand this and encourage all walk-in customers for utilizing the same. You can even buy your favorite term insurance plans online by visiting our website.



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