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15th July 2014

A True Story – By Mr. Samir Bagchi

   When I was a bachelor, I was a strong disbeliever of Life Insurance. I would simply think that, since there are no dependents on me, so what’s the point in buying a Life insurance policy? Rather, spending the premium equivalent amount on a early trip to some place in India would please my 5 senses! The far placed distant benefits of a Life Insurance policy was something like reaching the horizon- which you will really never reach! If I would have died, someone else would get the money and I am overconfident that ghosts do not have five senses. So, why buy Insurance? Why not Goa instead?

When I got married, I was equally a strong disbeliever in Life Insurance. I would simply think, the only person dependent on my life- my wife, can still manage her life without me and I was quite confident that she will not look forward to the compensation amount as the only source of reliance if I ever became a ghost! Again, why buy Insurance?  Why not Nainitaal instead?

When my wife was expecting, and when the doctor said that its going to be twins- suddenly, a profound sense of responsibility ran across my entire nervous system at the speed of light. I was calculating all possible combinations- boy,boy; boy,girl; or girl,girl and at the same time I paused at the question-“If I did not wake up tomorrow, and for ever, how would she manage?”  “Will my kids have to a share a single Ice cream?”  This was a paradigm changing question for me.  There are three other people in my life and I own the responsibility for their happiness and well being. If I am awake and alive- I can ensure it. But, if I do not wake up for ever, who will ensure it? Not anybody in Goa nor anybody at Nainital at least. The answer was obvious- a Life Insurance policy. This time it was “Why not Life Insurance?”

Next day I bought a term insurance plan for 1Cr.

It doesn’t matter to me if we are not  making it to Darjeeling this year, but it means a lot to see my kids and wife smiling for ever- whether I am there or not there.

With every sunrise and sunset that we see, we are actually deferring the time of our eternal sleep.

Oh, I missed out-  we had a Boy and a Girl- Siddhant and Samiksha and they are now 18 months.



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Sudipta BoseJuly 15th, 2014

That ‘paradigm change’ has to happen as early as possible in one’s life. Mr Bagchi has sketched the story very simply by taking ingredients from his own life. I strongly feel that it must bring in immense positive responses which would, in due course of time, benefit both the buyers and the sellers of Life Insurance policies.

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