This Holi, add a dash of every colour to Life. #LifeKeRang

10th March 2017

Just as Holi marks the onset of a new spring. With a dash of colour to brighten up your day, families must take the opportunity to make a fresh start and find meaning in the different colours of Holi.

What is Holi all about?

In the Indian tradition, Holi announces the arrival of spring and the decline of evil. It’s the day when revelers and worshippers alike celebrate a fresh start with a no holds barred colour frenzy.

The festival, which began primarily as an Indian tradition, has transcended across cultures and nations. That’s what colour can do to people!

Lessons from Holi – a new start

There is a lot to learn from the traditions and colour carnivals of Holi.

A new spring is about new beginnings, a fresh start.

For families, this could mean taking the first step towards financial security. Often an individual is so caught up in the day to day rigmarole that he ignores the most basic financial need of their family, for most families that is financial security.

The breadwinner needs to plan for the #IfsOfLife like a serious, debilitating medical condition or an accident or an unforeseen event like a heart attack.

There is only one way of making sure the #IfsOfLife do not bring you and your family down in a financial sense, and that surety is brought about by life insurance.

We recommend online term insurance plans given the affordable insurance premiums and ease of buying.

So this Holi, make a start of your own on the path to financial security. Buy a term insurance plan.

The colours of Holi

While celebrating Holi, here is how you can add some colour to your own dreams and goals.

Orange – The colour of optimism

It’s important to be optimistic about what the future holds. The optimism must be built on a foundation that lets the family thrive regardless of the situation. It revolves around a future that you have imagined for your children that lets them pursue a career of their choice regardless of the cost or lets your spouse continue to lead a life without worries in case of any eventuality. Such an optimistic future is possible by taking some elementary steps like securing your future.

Blue – Add value to your life

When you are looking to add value to projects at work or a deal in your business, make it a point to add value to your life and the life of your spouse. This means creating a future where you can live without agonizing over rising expenses and medical costs. Taking a retirement pension plan can set you up for a future that you always wanted.

Red – Ambition is what keeps you going

Ambition is always a good thing, it is the engine that keeps you chugging. You want to grow in your job, in your business, in your lifestyle – read, have a bigger house, the latest car, or the smartest phone and you want your children to grow in their careers.

But the engine of ambition needs fuel. And in most cases the fuel involves spending money.

So you want a larger house? Entirely possible provided you have saved enough towards the down payment. Same goes for a swankier car.

Dreams can turn into reality if you have created viable plans by opting for investment plans like ULIP plans.

Purple: Imagine it and then do it

Imagining new possibilities for yourself and the family is something every individual does. You are tired of working for someone and want to start something on your own. Your daughter / son wishes to pursue a career that is offbeat, because they can imagine new possibilities. You have imagined the future, now you need to shape it. Again, the right type of life insurance can help you get there.

Evidently, the colours of Holi can signify something deeper and more profound, even for issues such as your financial security.



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