How US presidential elections are decisive for ULIP investors?

8th November 2016

The United States is witnessing its 58th presidential elections. It’s a very decisive moment in history for many individuals and that includes the ULIP investor.

Wait! Did we just say the ULIP (unit-linked insurance plan) investor?

How does that make him a party to the US Presidential elections?

What the US elections tells you about decision-making?

All elections involve voters going out to choose what they believe is the right candidate. It’s no different for the US elections & their citizens. There are two candidates (well actually four, but the other two are marginal) each from the Democratic and Republican parties. US citizens will choose their preferred candidate based on certain criteria. The decision-making will revolve around some of these points:

  • Track record – which candidate has a better track record at governance
  • Transparency – who has been the more transparent one in his/her life both in public and private
  • Process-based approach – who is the one led by processes and clearly-defined principles as opposed to adhoc-ism
  • Capable team – candidates with established team members (future cabinet which candidates often indicate) are preferred
  • Freebies to the public – this usually means tax waivers, tax benefits and general bias towards tax friendly policies

Where do ULIPs come in, in this context?

If you have a fix on how choosing the right candidate works, then you are on the path to being an intelligent ULIP investor. Because when you get down to it, intelligent investing has so much in common with intelligent voting. So before selecting the right ULIP you must consider:

  • Track record – does the ULIP/life insurance company have time-tested credentials
  • Transparency – does the ULIP disclose all necessary information like NAVs, portfolios at regular intervals
  • Process – is the ULIP managed with well-defined processes
  • Capable team – is there a competent and experienced investments team managing the assets under management
  • Investor-friendly – does the ULIP pursue a pro-investor policy with:
    • Expense ratios
    • Diverse fund options / plans targeting different investor segments
    • Choice of portfolio strategies allowing investor to pick a suitable investing style
    • Maximum premium allocation
    • Option to decrease sum assured
    • Free switches
    • Online investing
  • Ratings – is the ULIPs rated / ranked highly by established rating agencies

ULIPs have much to offer investors looking to achieve life stage goals like child’s education and marriage, buying a house and retirement planning, among others. The challenge is in identifying the right ULIP that can help them achieve the goals.

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