In 2017 get in ‘touch’ with your responsible side

10th January 2017

Every New Year sees a flurry of activity in the ‘resolution’ space. It’s either smoking less or not all, getting fitter, less angry, procrastinating less and having more action or some such resolve.

Notice a common thread across all the resolutions.

In one word – Responsibility. Responsibility to self and others around you.

So let this New Year be about getting in touch with your responsible side. And the good news, as you will see, is you can get in ‘touch’ quite literally.

Responsibilities galore for Akash

Akash, a 32-year old, works in a private sector bank.

  • He is married, with a kid, another one could soon be on the way.
  • His wife is a homemaker.
  • Akash has recently purchased a house on loan.

A quick recap of the responsibilities at Akash’s doorstep:

  • Ensuring the home loan is paid off without incident.
  • Assuring the children best in class education.
  • Assuring the wife a regular lifestyle at all times.

There’s a ‘term’ for everything

Akash is pleased to learn that there is an answer to his multi-faced responsibilities.

This answer is in the form of life insurance.

In a single stroke, life insurance can ‘assure’ that all three aforementioned responsibilities are taken care of, and more so on very affordable terms.

Did we just say ‘very affordable’?

That’s true. Life insurance need not be a very expensive affair. Not when you opt for term plans.

Term / pure life plans have affordable premiums which allows the insured to go for a larger life cover that is truly representative of the family’s needs and financial obligations. Technically, this is called the ‘human life value’.

For Akash this means that with the ‘right’ term plan he can cover all three responsibilities – home loan, children’s education, family’s financial security – at one go.

The ‘right’ term plan

Notice we mentioned the ‘right’ term plan.

The ‘right’ term plan has many things going for it:

  • It has really affordable premiums compared to the competition.
  • It discards time consuming, burdensome medical tests
  • It offers helpful riders like critical illness, waiver of premiums, among others, that can enhance the cover and boost the family’s finances at critical junctures.

All this at the touch of a button

Now imagine if you could get the right term plan without moving from your seat.  By just tapping your finger on your mobile or tablet.

That’s how refined some term plans are at this age.

With just a touch or eTouch as it’s called, the family breadwinner can connect with his responsible side and fulfill some very important resolutions this year.

Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term Insurance Plan, is a regular premium payment, pure term and health cover plan. The plan provides life cover combined with benefit on accidental death, accidental total permanent disability & critical illness and benefit of waiver of premium, depending on the variant opted by you. This 3 in 1 plan gives the comfort of a Complete Protection Solution aimed at covering against all 3 D’s – Death | Disability | Disease at a competitive price point , with the flexibility to choose from a 40 year long term and a simple 3 step buy process.  This is the 1st plan in the market which offers Waiver of Premium on Accidental Permanent Total Disability Cover and Critical Illness Cover in its Shield Supreme Variant. Also, in case of an unfortunate event, the nominee can opt to take the claim settlement benefit in five customizable options like equal or increasing monthly installments or part lump-sum & balance in installments.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance company has one of the best claim settlement ratios of 98.1%* and solvency ratio 793%# & is one of the most preferred brands to invest in for a Jiyo Befikar future.

* On the basis of no. of intimated cases. Claim settlement ratio for FY 15-16. 

#Note: All above figures are as on 31 March 2016



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