Indian Football Team in a World Cup Final

30th September 2016

18th December 2022.

Lusail Iconic Stadium,

Al-Daayen, Qatar.

World Cup Final match- Portugal vs India.

Imagine Lusail Iconic Stadium echoing “India! India!”

The cheer reverberates through the newly constructed football stadium.  The Portuguese supporters are present in a greater number, but the Indian supporters are going mad with frenzy! From a FIFA ranking of 151 in 2016 to a time when they are playing to WIN the World Cup in football! The crowd is ecstatic and the desi players reciprocate that energy as they keep the Portuguese players on their toes. Drenched in sweat and emotions, the players ran into the 89th minute, with the scoreboard still reading 0-0. A structured change in tactic from the Portuguese side has made way for their star winger to clear the Indian defense with lightning speed and God-like agility. He has a clear shot for a goal. The Indian goalie is ready to tackle him.

With superhuman precision, the winger shoots the ball like a bullet at the Indian goal, our goalie leaps at the ball with all his might, but this is when he realizes- He has no protective gloves on! His bare hands are not strong enough to hold the force of the ball. Moments later, he lies dejected on the ground- his hand broken and so is the dream of India winning the world cup.

Wait what?

A million dreams shattered, 8 years of planning gone to waste, just because the man responsible for holding the fort was not properly protected. Football fans will argue that this is a logical impossibility- no goalkeeper could play a match without proper protection- it’s a must to stay protected, especially when one is at an international level. The officiating authorities would never allow a player to play without proper protection either.

Let’s shift our attention to an alternate sport- where veteran players of more than 40 years of experience are still found with no protection. There’s also no officiating authority on them. Nobody seems to complain on this either. This is the sport of life, where approximately 3% Indians only are adequately protected against the financial hurdles of life.

Here the players end up living their whole lives without proper strategy (read financial planning). What’s surprising is that no matter what stage of their game, these players of life are at, they are seldom protected against the financial hurdles that may come their way. Conversely speaking, can you recall many people in your neighbourhood, who are protected with a sufficient life insurance at the very least? The ones who have the best protection for their future needs? Investing in a savings plan is only relevant, when a person knows that all their dreams for their family would come true, no matter what happened, that a person had the best protection for his families against the uncertainties of life.

It is catastrophic for a family when their breadwinner passes away. If the loss wasn’t straining enough at an emotional level, things get tough financially as well. With no definite source of income, the children’s education, their healthcare and the general welfare of the family are all jeopardized. Basically, the whole team loses because the people who should build a future planning strategy for victory, did not do it.

A true sportsman is known to be prepared for every uncertainty of the game. Someone once said…”The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”. The easiest and best thing to do, while you still can, is to prepare your contingency plan against the “Ifs of Life”.

No other product guarantees a truly “Befikar” life as a term plan can.

“Fikar na kar…Plan kar…JiyoBefikar”!!!



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