Plan 360 – Everything You Need to Know about Financial Planning

16th July 2013

When it comes to financial planning, the most important thing to keep in mind is – Your money should keep pace with your goals.

To do this, you need to make your money grow and work for you. It sounds difficult, doesn’t it? In reality, it’s all about making informed choices on where to put your money. In this post, we bring to you all the resources you need to do this. So don’t let financial planning be a headache any more – explore the links below for information on all aspects of managing your money, from savings, to investment, to insurance.

Investment Planning

A basic list of things to keep in mind while investing in the stock market.
7 Thumb Rules of Investing

Child Planning

A guide to planning for each stage of your children’s growth, so that you never have to compromise on their dreams.
Planning Better for Your Child’s Future

Retirement Planning

Calculate how much money you will need for your dream retirement, and then plan your savings accordingly.
Retiring Rich – Calculate Your Future Financial Needs


A penny saved is a penny earned – these articles will help you live by this sound advice.
5 Simple Rules to Maximise Your Savings
Deductions under the Income Tax Act

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be used to fulfill many financial needs, as well as act like a shield against unforeseen tragedies. But if you want your life insurance to work for you, make sure you’re buying the right plan for your needs. These articles will give you the information you need.
Calculate the Right Life Insurance Cover

Know More about Life Insurance Riders!
How to Choose the Best Term Insurance Plan


Ready to calculate your premiums and investments? Use our calculators for easy planning!
Term Insurance Calculator

ULIP Calculator



Stop Smoking and Save on Life Insurance Premium

Bajaj Allianz Right Invest Calculator
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