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11th December 2017

We all need god sent friends like Appu as she never runs out of good suggestions. Whether it’s about planning or setting goals for future, Appu knows to take the right decision at the right time.
Pappu is again worried about his future, and Appu is ready with a brilliant solution. Appu’s mantra is clear- Stop worrying about the foundation of your future and start taking healthy financial decisions in the present.
Appu and PappuAppu and PappuAppu and Pappuappu and pappu
Life gives us many options, it is up to us to choose the correct path to achieve our goals and fulfil our dreams. Choose the right path and always stick to it. Just like Appu!



The do-it-yourself way to fund your start-up

Are you losing sight of your Life Goals because of the Smog?
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Goal Based Investment Plan – Goal Assure

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