What Pujara’s patient innings tells you about life insurance

29th March 2017

Why everyone needs a Pujara in their portfolio ?

Cheteshwar Pujara has always been something of a mystery. A relatively successful cricketer who somehow fails to show up alongside the other names like Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Ajinkya Rahane.

Although it’s easy to forget, Pujara has made his mark on several occasions. The latest one was a patient double century when India was staring at a huge Aussie total in the third test at Ranchi.

Two points from Pujara’s double century

The first relates to Pujara’s personality – a hardworking individual, who digs in his heels, come what may, not very glamourous but nevertheless totally effective. A captain’s go-to man, even if the media, (always looking for glamourous and newsworthy personalities) don’t see it that way.

The second point is about his super act in the first innings, when he rescued India in workmanlike fashion, piling up a double century and drawing visions of an improbable victory at the time (the match was drawn).

A lot of spectators, including the ones on social media, enamoured with the T20 and ODI style innings, were not too impressed with Pujara’s long, staid innings.  But it’s worth noting that an act is not always scrutinized in isolation. A lot of thought must be given to whether it meets larger goals of the team and on that yardstick, Pujara’s innings was just what the doctor ordered.

You need something that can really turn things around

As we saw from Pujara’s innings time and again, having a solid even if staid player in your corner who can see you through difficult times is worth its weight in gold, even if it takes a while for you to realize it.

A lot of individuals, while evaluating investment and insurance options, look for exciting growth opportunities. They go for options with performance that is off the charts so to speak, even if it is over shorter time frames of 12-24 months. They find it hard to appreciate that a 12-24 month performance matters little over a 20-30 year investment time frame.

Over the long-term we need options that are ‘bankable’ (pun intended) and stand the test of time.

Life insurance can be the Pujara you are looking for

Ask any individual and there is a good chance that he/she will dismiss life insurance as a boring option or something that appeals mainly to middle aged investors.

Then some find the long-term commitment towards premiums a little overbearing; so often they just give up paying premiums a few years into the policy.

But while life insurance may appear that way, it is known for getting things done. Things, or goals as we call them, that are really important to the individual and one’s family.

Life insurance is the long, boring and overbearing innings that everyone criticizes but which delivers a steady performance at the end.

Scoring goals patiently

Individuals know that saving for long-term goals like financial security for the family, children’s education and marriage, retirement planning need huge amounts of money. It’s the kind of money that cannot be made overnight. It requires years of patient saving and investing in the right instruments. And to achieve this, you need a Pujara-like commitment and dependability. In other words, you need a solid product like life insurance.

So while everyone around you is busy looking for trends and exciting investment opportunities, it pays to stay with products like life insurance which in workman-like fashion achieve the family’s goal in the long run.

References in the article to individuals are only for representation purposes and we are not responsible for any misrepresentation/misuse of the same. Opinions in the article are made without mala fide intention.



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