Are you losing sight of your Life Goals because of the Smog?

12th December 2017

Are you losing sight of your Life Goals because of the Smog?

Believe it or not, the India-Sri Lanka test match grabbed more attention for pollution than anything else with players vomiting on the field and also threatening to walk off. The question uppermost in everyone’s minds in an alarmingly polluted environment is – are we prepared for it or is the face mask all we have got?

Pollution is for real, it’s no smokescreen

India batted first and played for nearly two days. They would have batted longer if it hadn’t been for the Lankans complaining about the pollution taking a toll on their health. The Indians were dismissive of the Lankans’ complaints, as thinly veiled delaying tactics, fighting as they were, with their backs against the wall. However, as the match progressed even the Indians began wilting, with Shami vomiting on the field as well and the view of the Lankans as also the Green Court in conducting the match under such conditions took center-stage.

Not the first time

This is not the first time that pollution and the smog in Delhi have been the talking point on an international scale. Earlier the FIFA U-17 World Cup was played in Delhi with some anxiety as pollution levels already at alarming levels were projected to go even higher during the October festival season. Pollution also took center-stage during the Commonwealth Games 2010 and in several other sporting events post that. From a domestic standpoint, pollution / smog in Delhi is nothing new for the city’s residents. They have been battling the problem for years now. Measures like odd-even vehicle rule have done little to ease pollution on the ground, even though they are a rage on social media for all the wrong reasons!

Clarity is the first casualty of the smog

Another problem with the smog is lack of clarity – beleaguered victims cannot see what is staring them in the face. Visibility is so low that basic driving can be a hazard because you don’t know who you will run into. Your destination could be in front of you, but you don’t know how you will get there with a blurry, teary eyed vision. Self-evident as it may sound the smog is a serious problem in our lives that can take us further away from what we want to be or where we want to go.

The smog in our lives

The smog is a problem we all like to criticize when it’s on the outside. But there is a smog inside us, in our minds, our thinking, and our vision, which is just as bad, if not worse than the one outside.
A foggy thought-process also takes us further away from what we want to be or where we want to go.

Sameer – caught in a smog

Take Sameer, a 30-year private sector employee who has one important Life Goal at present – to provide for his 4 year old daughter’s education. This involves setting aside money consistently in a savings plan or insurance plan towards child education. But Sameer is extravagant by nature given to impulsive bursts of shopping for the latest gadgets and newest collection of clothing and frequenting the most expensive restaurants.

Sameer’s spendthrift nature prevents him bringing that razor-sharp focus that is necessary to cut through the smog (read expensive distractions). Sameer was always like that, but he must know that with added responsibilities, now his life goals (saving for daughter’s education) takes precedence over his spending ways. For Sameer to succeed in making his daughter successful in her life, he must clear the smog in his lifestyle that prevents him from saving towards his life goals.

A prescription for Sameer to fight the smog

Sameer is likely in need of a nudge to push him towards saving for his life goal. If he had access to a useful tool, like a calculator, he would perhaps see his goal more clearly and show greater interest in saving towards it. Here is a ULIP returns calculator for Sameer and other parents looking to save towards life goals. This way Sameer knows how much he should be aiming for and how a savings plan, a ULIP plan or a life insurance plan can help him get there.



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