The Everyday Elixir

12th June 2017

Legend says that ‘elixir of life’ is known as elixir of immortality; which at times is also equated with the philosopher’s stone, it is a mythical potion that grants the drinker eternal youth.
Eternal youth is an exciting concept! Wouldn’t you agree?
Our everyday elixir may not really help with eternal youth, but science proves for it to have anti-aging properties for your skin. Hold your breath, your everyday elixir is: water.
Water? Yes water!
It is learnt that human bodies are made up of 70% water and it only helps to rehydrate oneself at regular intervals. Some experts advise to sip a small amount of water periodically throughout the day
Health benefits of waterHowever, drinking water at the right time is equally important.
Imagine starting your day without water, much like starting an engine without it being well oiled. Unnecessary friction, right? Without water, you’ll be like a car running without fuel, especially if you skip breakfast
Technically speaking… One glass of water, half an hour before your meal optimizes your digestion. When you’re hydrated, the stomach is also prepared for food; water refreshes taste buds and moisturizes the stomach lining, so brittle or acidic foods won’t be uncomfortable. Having a glass of water moistens the mouth and clears out leftover tastes from earlier food, drinks or smoking in anticipation of the coming meal or snack.
Dehydration can also significantly impact one’s physical performance, causing fatigue, altering body temperature and making exercises feel more difficult. Adequately hydrating oneself at the right time also affects the brain’s performance, in some cases elevating mood, memory and brain performance. Drinking water between your drinks and before going to bed can also significantly reduce the impact of a hangover!
Despite all the varied health benefits that come from water, it serves as no substitute for regular exercise, eating timely healthful meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
That said, it is always in our hands to make the best of all natural resources to lead a healthy life and water indubitably is an important constituent of it.



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