The secret to a happy life!

20th February 2017

Eternal happiness is a myth.

Sounds ironical?

On the basis of the title of this article, it does. Essentially, staying happy will take efforts from you. You need to be emotionally strong, forget your worries, forgive easily, laugh harder, kiss longer and a host of other things that cinema suggests will make us happy individuals, just like our favourite on-screen characters.

Alternatively, we could follow a simple plan. A secret, if you will. A secret- to happiness. I wouldn’t take the risk of calling it eternal, because the secret in itself is a continuous ordeal, to ensure that one stays happy and content at all times. And the best part is, that this is just one simple rule!

Interested yet?

The secret lies in keeping your mind free of two things- guilt and regret.

Too simple?

Or is it?

Let me ask you, when was the last time you thought you were happy, while there was a panging guilt aching your conscience? Unlikely. The same logic applies to regret. Regret, like guilt cannot stay in the same room as happiness. They can however mutually co-exist, and that won’t leave you very happy. The moment an individual feels guilty or regretful it becomes a rude reminder of the happiness he/she has denied oneself. Think about it, do you feel regretful, possibly guilty in some cases of not having expressed your love to that person you really liked? Are you regretful at not approaching the CEO of your dream company, knowing that you had an idea that could have caused a breakthrough in that dimension? Are you regretful that you didn’t call that friend, or that relative the night before they lost their life in an accident, even though you really wanted to? The list is endless, each entry more saddening than the other. The morbidity here may vary from one individual to another, but one thing remains constant.

These are not happy situations, right?

How does one save oneself from this pain?

Re-introducing our solution- it is to stay free from guilt and regret.

The only way of ensuring that is with doing what we love to do, while respecting the things that we need to do.

Living guilt-free in today’s times

An emotion coach once said, if an individual fulfills all his responsibilities, he’ll stay happy.

Another interpretation of this emotion coach could be that most guilt spawns from unfulfilled responsibilities- from the happiness planning that was wrongly conceived.

In today’s unsure times, the biggest responsibility a person has towards himself and his dependents is of offering a financially secure future. This makes financial planning the biggest responsibility of any individual. Buying the best term plan, investing in funds for a worry free life and planning for a smooth sailing future is what constitutes a successful happiness planning strategy.



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