When The Tubelight Is A Slow Starter

30th June 2017

Social media is abuzz with how the Tubelight has lived up to its name going by initial box office collections. But will the Tubelight live up to its potential, backed as it is by a successful actor-director team?

The stress test

The primary challenge, or stress test so to speak, for businesses is to make a template for a plan that works.

The next challenge is to make this template work across different variables, be it a consumer or a price point.

It is here where Tubelight appears to be slipping.

The Khan duo – director (Kabir Khan) and actor (Salman Khan) put in quite a successful stint in the past with top grossers like Ek Tha Tiger, Bajrangi Bhaijaan. They seem to have passed the first challenge of making lively entertainers that rode the Eid holidays.

However, the latest venture – Tubelight is  proving to be a slow starter. The team has faltered at the second challenge – making films with offbeat topics.

Without delving into the details of the film, what this tells individuals, even the most successful ones, is that there is no perfect template for a  plan, even when it looks all set.

So do you stop or continue relentlessly when the template you so painstakingly made shows signs of faltering?

Even a Tubelight needs a backup

What is one the most important items on your emergency list? Especially when you set out on a vacation,  in the interiors of the country?

A torch!

Even when you know there will be plenty of tubelights, you still want a torch around. Why?
Because when there is no electricity, the tubelight is a non-starter.

This tells us something about installing backups even when you have what appears to be a done deal. Life teaches us repeatedly that there is no such thing as a done deal.
It’s best to put in your best and also ensure you have a safety net for the slip ups or the #IfsOfLife.

Term Insurance Plans for the #IfsOfLife

Term insurance plans offer financial protection to your family in your absence. The best feature of term plans is affordable premiums, which means you can opt for a larger life cover compared to other insurance plans. In Term insurance plans, there is a payout only in case of death.

While selecting term plans go for the one with:

  • Lowest expenses.
  • Widest range of riders like critical illness rider, waiver of premiums rider, etc.
  • Discount on premiums for healthy practices like non-smoking.
  • Flexibility to buy online or etouch as some insurers call it.

Term insurance plan can back you up by meeting household expenses and liabilities like outstanding home loans / auto loans, for instance, that the family will have to pay off in your absence.

Everyone puts in their best to come out a winner. No one consciously aims at delivering duds or tubelights. That’s why it’s critical that we install a backup plan, no matter what our life plan may be.



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