Why this Valentine’s Day will be different for Rakesh !

12th June 2017

ULIP investment is a long-term present

Forget the daring and dimaag of Bollywood movies. Valentine’s Day is about matters of the dil and all those close to it.

Valentine’s Day – associated varyingly with love, marriage and martyrdom in folklore – has become the defining day for people to show love to those who matter.

Rakesh’s Valentine Day

Let’s see how Rakesh, a married 30-year old professional with a daughter, has planned his Valentine’s Day.

Historically, Rakesh gifted his friends in the good old days in college with expensive watches and other accessories – that was when he lived off pocket money.

But with his own hard earned money at stake, his views on gifting have evolved over the years.

Why this Valentine’s Day will be different?

Rakesh has been thinking. It’s not like he hasn’t bought gifts for his wife and kids. Over time, the novelty wears off and the ‘gifts’ lose their significance. There are birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, among others, and there are only so many gifts one can appreciate.

This year Rakesh has his mind set on gifting something that will stay. And unlike other gifts that depreciate over time, he is determined to go for a gift that not only stays but becomes more valuable with passage of time.

No, it’s not expensive wine that Rakesh is thinking of.

It’s money or rather a money-based gift like an investment.

How can an investment plan make Valentine’s Day special?

Rakesh splurges about 25,000 on Valentine Day gifts to keep his wife in good spirits.

This year he decides to give her cash, only the money won’t sit in her hands or bank account. Instead, it will be in a savings and investment plan like an endowment plan or ULIP (unit-linked investment plan).

Rakesh signs up for a ULIP of Rs 25,000 – dedicated to his wife.

The plan will help her achieve something significant that the transient Valentine’s Day gift cannot achieve.

His wife will have a fund that on maturity will leave her with considerable money that can make her financially independent, and would also offer the dual benefit of life cover incase of any eventuality.

Rakesh is more than willing to spend towards the ‘Valentine’s Day’ gift because he can see his money growing over time and achieving family goals.

After all it will be a Valentine’s Day gift because Rakesh will be signing up for the investment plan on 14th February and every year he will be signing a cheque of Rs 25,000 towards the plan.

For his wife, every Valentine’s Day will mean a definite Rs 25,000 in her investment plan, something which her husband cannot back out from. If there ever was a win-win situation, this way of celebrating Valentine’s Day certainly counts as one!

You can also secure your loved one’s life goals in case of any unexpected contingencies. Invest in a term insurance plan as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to your significant other.



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