Know Why You Should Stay Invested In Your ULIP Plan

21st March 2019

New-age ULIP with low charges and potential for high returns are indeed one of the most preferred investment plans as they help you achieve your life goals. Though Unit linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) have a lock-in period of minimum 5-years, as an investor it is important to have a long term investment horizon matching with Life Goals, so as to benefit from market linked returns in the long run. ULIPs also provide for a life cover along with investment benefits.

Know the reasons why you should stick to your ULIP for a longer time period.

    • ULIP fund performance – A whole new horizon

Over the long term, equities have been known to give considerable returns, even though it may come with intermittent volatility.
In ULIPs customers also have the option to move investments across different funds ranging from debt to equity and vice-versa depending upon the funds available under the product chosen. There are other kinds of portfolio strategies also available which can be opted for by the customer basis his/her risk appetite.

    • Low charges with longer time period

Your ULIP plan comes with a certain set of charges with it. Charges like premium allocation, mortality and policy admin fee are some of its examples.
The regulator has capped most of the ULIP charges making new-age ULIPs more cost-effective than what they were before.

    • Avail Tax Benefits

One of the obvious reasons for choosing ULIP is the tax exemption. The amount paid as premium is allowed as deduction under section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.
And any maturity amount received under the life insurance policy is eligible for exemption from tax under section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act 1961, subject to the provisions stated therein.
Tax benefits under the income tax act are subject to certain other conditions. Please consult your tax consultant to ensure the fulfilment of other conditions before claim.

    • Return of Life cover charges

The part of the premium that is allocated towards life insurance in your ULIP scheme is known as the mortality charges and is returned to the policyholder on maturity. This benefit is available with select ULIP products.

ULIP plans are preferred choices for investment. However, to get the maximum benefits out of your investments, it is advisable to stay invested in your ULIP plans for a longer time period. Doing so will help you get you closer to your ‘Life Goals Done’.

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