Your Teacher Is Your Friend, Philosopher And Guide For Life

5th September 2017

गुरूर्ब्रह्मा गुरूर्विष्णु

गुरूर्देवो महेश्वरः

गुरुर्साक्षात परब्रह्म

तस्मै श्रीगुरुवे नमः

These are not mere words. This is but the philosophy that should be adpoted by every student who is hoping to learn from a teacher.Along with one’s parents, a teacher is equally responsible for shaping one’s life. Sometimes the future course of life is made clear at a very early stage, by a good teacher. A good teacher is like a diamond. Rare and hard to find. But once you find that teacher, they fill your life with the brilliant light of knowledge and guidance.

For some lucky ones, they need not look much further than their parents to find a good teacher. Our parents are our first teachers. They are armed with the knowledge they have gained through their experiences, which they pass on to us to prepare us for the great journey called life.

But the journey of life is not as straightforward as it seems. Sometimes, we need a teacher who teaches us to look beyond the obvious, think beyond the normal and prepare for the unseen. We need a teacher to help us to tackle the uncertainties of life, the #IfsOfLife.

Nobody amongst us can escape the 3 D’s in life; Disease, Disability and Death. Though maintaining our health and leading a healthy life is entirely in our hands, life can be a fickle friend. It is unpredictable and uncertain.

We all need a teacher who will prepare us to take care of our near and dear ones from the great beyond. Our family depends on us to provide them with food to eat and a roof to shelter. It is our responsibility, nay our mission in life, to see that they are not left wanting for anything after we pass on into the shadows.

For such situations, a Life Insurance Consultant is your best teacher to guide you through the uncertainties and doubts presented by the multiple Life Insurance products available in the market.

Every person is unique and so are their requirements and expectations from life. Sometimes, one doesn’t know what they want and needs to be guided in the right direction with patience and understanding.

A Life Insurance Consultant can be the teacher who points you in the right direction with the required patience and understanding. They are the ones who can thoroughly prepare you for the #IfsOfLife.

Don’t let the stress creep into your life. Meet the #IfsOfLife head on and learn to win with a proper plan and a sound strategy.

Ask and you shall receive! This is your first step in the right direction. Bajaj Allianz Life offers a range of life insurance policies from term insurance plans to pension plans to child plans and other investment based life insurance plans.

Get in touch with us today and ask your teacher for the required guidance. After all, a teacher will never fail you and always look after your best interests. All you need to do is ask. Use the “Ask for an agent” button on the website of Bajaj Allianz Life to schedule a home visit from an agent.



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